About Royalvermi

About Royalvermi

royalvermi is a company with an honored history and a bright future. We have pushing plans for sustainable growth in organic and earth-friendly production. Our vision is to double natural manufacturing of farm industries and reducing environmental wastes. This can help building a sustainable organic business in long term and also motivate others to move towards natural high profit production.

royalvermi Co. was founded in 2006 that works on 3 main fields including Farming, Aquarium fish breeding and Organic Agriculture. With more than 6 years of experience, today our organic fertilizer vermicompost is the best among first-class products of its kind. The products, branded as Gilda, are presented to sales market with variety in mixtures and sizes.

Due to beneficial effects of using vermicompost fertilizer, calling it “black gold” is common among farmers. This led us to brand our products as “Royalvermi” which in Persian language is referred to “gold”. Achieving the whole Iranian market regarding high quality production, the company has also entered the global market aiming to be one of the world’s leading producers of organic fertilizers.

By joining multinational expertise with our knowledge deeply rooted in natural diversity, we are continuing to provide a range of products to suit a wealth of consumers. Our products are sold worldwide including countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and East-Asia today. Technically, our production has achieved different local standards including Health Permit, Organic Certificate, Operation License, Certificate of Organic Management By extending our global reach and inspiring people to move towards natural farm production, we believe that we can help making a big beneficial differences.

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